About dulabab travel

A key strength of Dulabab Travel is its trusted global network of pioneering and world-class professionals in their chosen disciplines to deliver the level of service and insight inherent in our product. As projects demand, these individuals are deployed in development, support and delivery where required. 

Owner Roger Hyde, conceived Dulabab Travel after many years working at the highest echelons of at first physical security, then experiential global adventure travel. In collaboration with some of the wealthiest families and individuals from the Middle East, Asia and the US he has personally created, reconnoitered, facilitated and photographed complex journeys within Europe, Africa, North and South America and Southern Asia.

Exploring within environments such as the high arctic, mountain peaks and glaciers, remote deserts, deep jungle and Pacific islands, these special journeys often include large private jets and some of the worlds largest super yachts, and liaison with diplomats, government agencies, scientists and conservation experts to ensure smooth running, discretion and ultimate success.

Neil Rogers, sustainable travel

Supporting Roger in Dulabab's global reach and service delivery is Neil Rogers. Neil started in the travel trade in the 80’s with Journey Latin America in London, enjoyed an extended stay in Belize in the 90’s working with The Lodge at Chaa Creek and Coppola Resorts before moving to the US as Director of Latin America Development at International Expeditions, Inc. He’s served as Chair of the Destinations Working group at the GSTC, as a judge for the WTTC’s Tourism for Tomorrow Awards and is a board member of the Adventure Travel Conservation Fund.

As a consultant he’s worked on UNDP and EU Interreg projects, for conservation NGOs in Belize and for Nordic DMOs such as Kiruna in Swedish Lapland, Destination Røros, Visit Sápmi, Destination Västerbotten, and for NCE Tourism Fjord Norway. This vast array of experience dedicating decades to sustainable travel globally, adds an additional unique element to Dulabab's ability to deliver a truly unique guest experience.

In addition to Roger and Neil, Dulabab Travel collaborates with a global network of highly respected and creative logistical partners, conservation specialists and passionate facilitators, drawing on their years of experience to deliver the most unique journeys, pioneering adventures and breathtaking experiences to guests worldwide.

Dulabab Travel is a trading name of Dulabab Ventures Ltd which is registered in the UK and has maximum insurance cover for indemnity and corporate liability.