This is truly a journey with incredibly divergent distinctions. Starting in the worlds highest cities, La Paz, the discovery begins with a chartered flight over the glacial peaks of the Andes, landing on a specially cleared airstrip deep in the jungle at a remote indigenous community in the Madidi National Park where following a traditional welcome, the  breathtaking Bolivian adventure will begin!

The Madidi is one of the worlds greatest biodiversity hotspots, spanning as it does more than 15,000 feet of vertical ascent, it contains hundreds of mammals, more than 1,000 bird species, and to this day, scientists are still discovering new species. Exploration here will be on foot with indigenous guides  who's activities in protecting these precious forests the trip helps support, also by pack raft at dawn as the jungle awakes and by dug out canoe on remote lagoons.

After another overnight in La Paz, we change clothing and outlook, and climb to the Altiplano, which, after Tibet, is the worlds second largest high-plateau. Initially appearing stark, the rich mineral colours soon manifest, helping profile a beautiful landscape, shaped by ancient glaciers, mineral upheavals, and not so ancient volcanos. High altitude adventures include downhill mountain biking, canyon abseiling, volcano peak trekking, while taking advantage of the altitude and clear night skies to be guided through the cosmos by a nationally renowned astronomer using his personal telescope.

The last wild stop is at the famed Solar de Uyuni, the worlds largest salt pan, which depending on the time of year may be flooded with a shallow layer of often mirror-like water, or bone dry reflecting an almost blinding white light from the high altitude sun across its vast expanses explored on quad bike and 4x4. Our final night will be back in La Paz, in a wonderful boutique hotel, taking in the famed Gustu restaurant, which has put Bolivian gastronomy on the world scene.