Your expedition to Greenland starts in Ilulissat, the principle town of Disco Bay. The word Ilulissat means ‘ice bergs’ and the neighbouring Ilulisat Icefjord is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Helicopters and extended range fixed wing aircraft allow us to explore the fjords, mountains and vast ice cap of eastern Greenland from the air. The presence of cruise ships in the fjords will illustrate the massive scale of icebergs where the icepack wall slides into the Arctic Ocean.

As we explore along the coast razor sharp peaks and mountain ranges push through the ice and small brightly coloured villages dot the shoreline. Leaving Ilulissat we will explore Disco Bay by boat whale watching for Bowhead, humpback, minke whales and the narwhal depending on the season. The sheer size and quantity of the whales coupled to the magnificent scenery makes this one of nature’s ultimate experiences.

No visit to western Greenland would be complete without enjoying a multi-day dog sled expedition. Dog sledding is a way of life in Greenland and has been used as a mode of transport for over a thousand years. Driving across the ice behind an eager team of Greenland dogs is a magical and memorable experience. Wearing sealskin clothes we’ll embark on our expedition sharing the wisdom and hearty hospitality of local Inuit mushers. Our comfortable camps will open up the hidden world of the Inuit. You’ll learn about their culture, how they’ve survived in such a harsh climate and the challenges they’re facing due to global warming.

For those wanting unique and restricted access to the far north of Greenland and the Polar Inuit, we can design a unique spring expedition to experience the hidden world of the northwest coasts Eskimos. This journey routes through Thule the legendary expedition base of Fridtjof Nansen and Robert E. Peary. Accompanied by a well known polar explorer our expedition will help document climate change through on-going co-operation with Inuit communities and we will require special permits to allow helicopter access from Thule Airbase. We’ll explore coastal areas visiting ‘polynias’, places of open water even during hard winters where the Polar Inuit hunt for walrus and other marine mammals with traditional harpoons.

This is a unique experience, allowing you access to a rapidly disappearing culture that few outsiders have ever encountered.