Of all the extraordinary Island ecosystems on earth, such as Galapagos or New Caledonia, Madagascar surely ranks as one of the most astonishing. Evolution has occurred more or less in isolation on this remote island – located 400 kilometres of Africa’s east coast – with the result that much of its indigenous wildlife is found nowhere else on earth.

Madagascar’s menagerie of weird and wonderful creatures includes the world’s largest and smallest chameleons, the near-extinct elephant bird, and over 70 species of lemur – the long-tailed primates endemic to the island.

The Madagascan landscape is no less compelling than the resident wildlife, with terrain ranging from lush jungles and palm-fringed beaches to the knife-edged tsingys of Bemaraha National Park’s ‘stone forests’. This phenomenal backdrop serves as a fascinating Island to enjoy a vacation, full of genuine wonder and sense of discovery.

A direct flight charter to the to the far south would be a great way to enter, coming in direct from South or East Africa. Full immersion in nature is assured, with the company of a delightful local community nearby the luxury tented lodge camp. Following this, a direct flight charter to the north west coast to a luxury beachside lodge set amidst a private forest reserve, including day forays into the interior. Finally, no visit would be complete without visiting the newly opened, and already much acclaimed Miavana resort, accessed by helicopter off the north Coast. 

With unrivalled in-country connections, including some very special adventure options should these be desired. These include technical rock climbing on peaks rivalling Yosemite in their grandeur and white water rafting through some of the most pristine environments in Africa.