This is a journey of superlatives, taking guests to the richest ecosystem, helping protect the most critically threatened species, climbing the tallest tropical trees and finally the diving in the most biologically diverse coral seas on earth.

Starting in North West Sumatra (Indonesia), in the critically threatened Leuser Ecosystem we will travel with forest Rangers deep in the forests, taking part in actions directly protecting the wildlife still roaming these forests, the last place on earth where Sumatran Orangutang, Rhinos, Elephants and Tigers co-exist in the wild. 

On to western Borneo where forests are so dense and rich yet vulnerable that they are being extracted as quickly as scientists continue discovering new species, the adventures there will involve engagement with teams protecting of some of the wildlife isolated on its peripheries, in particular the Borneo Orangutan.

Further east, in the remote valleys of Sabah are the recently discovered tallest tropical trees in the world. In exchange for funds to help conserve these natural wonders, our specialist team will carefully rig the trees, allowing smooth access to the canopy. A fascinating and unique insight into the myriad layers of jungle, with a spectacular overnight camp on a platform in the crown. 

From these dizzying heights, the final stop is beneath the tropical seas of West Papua where the symbiosis of the tropical forests which supply the rich nutrients running into the rivers and onto the tropical seas fuelling their continued existence is manifestly clear. With our team of internationally renowned marine conservationists and film makers aboard one of the most distinctive and comfortable luxury boats sailing in the East, this will be a voyage of delight, and discovery. 

Our unique approach will enable off the regular chart navigating and exploration beneath and on top of the water, with opportunities to also spend time with the remote peoples who have called this area their home for millennia.