Mongolia is a remote and rugged land steeped in legend and characterised by iconic and spectacular landscapes such as the Gobi, Steppes and fabled Altai Mountains. The vast distances and poor infrastructure require unique and creative travel solutions when combining highlights of Mongolia’s authentic culture, stunning landscapes and natural wonders.

The Magnificent Mongolian journey begins in an iconic part of Mongolia, the vast Gobi desert. Alive with Mongolian nomadic culture, the semi-desert steppe environment of the Ikh Nart Nature Reserve provides the vast horizon landscape so associated with Central Asia. Sleeping in comfortable traditional Ger camps and with local herders and research scientists nearby, we can be assured of a swift immersion into the culture and people of Mongolia, while seeking the more than 30 mammals and 125 bird species that inhabit this apparently barren land.

Private charter flight will then take you to the traditional Altai Khazakh Eagle festival taking place in the foothills of the Altai Mountains just 45 miles from the Russian border. We’d ensure unusual access, with a secluded camp, and interaction with legendary eagle hunters with whom the secrets of this phenomenal event and culture will be revealed. We’d plan on spending a further couple of days in the company of an eagle hunting family following the festival. We’d accompany the hunt on horseback, perhaps trying a new technique of locating and flushing out prey for the eagles using a paramotor. 

Journeying East, we continues with a float trip on the remote Onon River flyfishing (catch and release) for mighty Taimen by day and enjoying the comforts of a traditional Ger camp each evening. Each day the scenery of our fishing journey changes as we slowly float down river covering 15-25 kilometres a day in comfortable boats that are imported from the USA. Specialist guides provide fly-fishing instruction and help you to locate Taimen at the optimal fishing spots. Exclusivity is assured, with no other party will fish this stretch of the Onon River during this time.

During the final chapter of this unique journey we plan on tracking already collared Snow Leopards whose GPS collars reveal their location every 2 hours. Tracking will take place in the remote Altai mountains using 4x4, horses and even a paramotor with world-renowned snow leopard conservationists.

Our journey will contribute to the resilience of local environmental, cultural and wildlife conservation organisations and programmes in the process ensuring cultural, economic and environmental sustainability for future generations.